Memory, Monuments and Mourning

Classics Ambassador Freyja H-W recounts our first online event of the 2020-21 season: Last Thursday, Professor Polly Low, Greek historian at the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Durham University, joined us over Zoom to give a brilliant insight into the Spartan commemoration of the battle of Thermopylae. Though she unfortunately couldn’t be with … Continue reading Memory, Monuments and Mourning

The Roman Monarchy: Myth or History?

Classics Ambassador and LSA CA Classics Competition Finalist 2020, Katherine Baker takes us back to 753BC and the foundation of Rome. The ancient civilisation of Rome is often remembered for its emperors; both the brutal tyrants and the benevolent leaders. Those who attended the LSA CA Classics Competition in March may already know about the … Continue reading The Roman Monarchy: Myth or History?

We’re all going on a…Villa holiday

Former Classics Ambassador and University of Leeds student Ronnais Lloyd takes a trip to north Africa and the Roman baths - all in twenty four hours! Whenever I head south, I resolve to visit Romano-British sites, despite the fact that they are normally nowhere near where we are staying and there are lots of traffic … Continue reading We’re all going on a…Villa holiday

Troy Story: A Review

LSA CA member Julia Clayton, former Head of Classics at King George V College in Southport and blogger at Classical Clayton, shares with us her review of the British Museum's 2019-2020 exhibition Troy: Myth & Reality. "Back in the Noughties, Boris Johnson wrote a book, The Dream of Rome (2006) in which he compared the European Union … Continue reading Troy Story: A Review

The Terracotta Warriors

Many museums and galleries across the UK, as well as offering virtual tours, have begun to reopen but for those of us unable to visit them, a new series of blogs focus on some of the fascinating artefacts and collections that have been displayed in British museums. Here, Classics Ambassador Liv S tells us about … Continue reading The Terracotta Warriors

It’s a Man’s World: the lives of ancient women

Classics Competition Winner and creator of The Mythology Manifest Sixth Former Connor Irving explores the oppression of women in Greek and Roman society and refutes the ancient idea that a woman who defies authority must be evil, as he seeks to understand why some women were worshipped whilst others were demonised. Succubus, Harlot, Witch: these … Continue reading It’s a Man’s World: the lives of ancient women

Zooming through the year

We recently held our first ever LSA CA Zoom meeting for our 2020 AGM and virtual celebration evening. It was a ‘bring your own cake and wine’ occasion but we still managed to celebrate in style, including a chorus of Happy Birthday for our student ambassador Declan who turned 18 during lockdown. The Chair, Secretary … Continue reading Zooming through the year

Partying Ancient Style

Saturday 7th March marked the Grand Final of the LSA CA Classics Competition 2020 where four finalists, shortlisted from video entries submitted by 11-19 year old students from across the UK, came to AKS Lytham to deliver their presentations and tell the 100-strong audience about the three ancient characters they would invite to a party. … Continue reading Partying Ancient Style

Troy: Myth or History?

Classics Ambassador Liv Sample shares her exploration of the fascinating history of Troy, after Michael Wood's compelling lecture for the Association on 20th February.  The origins of the Trojan War, and those of the bard Homer, composer of the epic poems the Iliad and Odyssey, have been a source of fascination and debate for millenia. … Continue reading Troy: Myth or History?

Walking with the Gods

Classics Ambassador from Runshaw College, Leo Riley, gives a review of Professor Michael Scott's Presidential Lecture last Thursday evening:  Professor Scott took myself and 361 other keen listeners (a record-breaking audience!) on a journey through the intricacies of Greek religion - a journey which showed us that everything we thought we knew about Greek religion … Continue reading Walking with the Gods