Well done to all entrants in our 2023 LSA CA Ancient Worlds Competition, generously sponsored and supported by the Classical Association, and congratulations to those with commendations, awards and to the four finalists! 

On Saturday 18 March, we hosted the Grand Final of the Competition at AKS Lytham in Lancashire and enjoyed four brilliant presentations in answer to this year’s question: the discovery of which ancient site or artefact interests you the most, and why? 


The four finalists – Levi Barker, Elise Withey, Reuben Wielenga and Imogen Reid 

Huge congratulations to Imogen, who was chosen as the Champion, for her excellent talk on the Cyrus Cylinder.

Ancient Worlds Competition Champion

Imogen Reid of Abbey Gate College, Chester, with guest judge Bronwen Riley


People’s Choice Award Winner

Elise Withey of King Edward’s School, Bath, on the discovery of the Epic of Gilgamesh


Fantastic presentations from Levi (the Kyrenia Shipwreck) and Reuben (the Pylos Combat Agate)

Lancashire Award Winner

Lauren Aston of Cardinal Newman College


International Winners 

Andria Laitadze and Nitsa Skhvitaridze of the European School, Georgia