As part of our remit to make Classics accessible to everyone in our area and thanks to the generosity of our members, we are delighted to be able to offer local students the opportunity to attend the JACT Classics and Ancient History Summer School on a full (£380) or partial bursary.

“I would wholeheartedly and without a doubt encourage anyone with an interest in Classics or ancient history to apply, as I can guarantee you will not regret it!” (Bursary Winner)


Bursary Scheme 2022 – Congratulations to our Bursary Winners!

We were delighted to offer bursaries of up to £380 to enable local students and members aged 16-19 to attend the Classics and Ancient History Summer School at Mount St Mary’s in Sheffield this 1-6 August. 

Ashleigh, Eva, Rebekah and Spencer headed to Sheffield this summer, thanks to the generosity of our members, and they had a brilliant time, as you can read here: Summer School Reports Compilation 2022


Classics Summer School Students Bursaries 2021 

‘My love for Classics has definitely grown as well as my confidence in my own ability and in pursuing my passion in the future. I am looking forward to studying Classics at university more than I can put into words thanks to this amazing opportunity to attend the summer school’.

In 2021, bursary recipients Olivia Drury and Freyja Harrison-Wood, both of Blackpool Sixth Form College, were delighted to attend the Summer School, which was held for the first time at St Mary Mount College in Sheffield. It was a fabulous return to in-person events after such a long time of Covid 19 restrictions and they both had a brilliant time. You can read all about their experiences in their reports here: 

Olivia Drury Bursary Report

Freyja Harrison-Wood Report

‘One of my favourite parts of the summer school was the opportunity to study beginners ancient Greek, which was completely fascinating and led me to decide to continue self-studying Greek until I can take it as a module at university. The Greek came in handy when we learned and chanted the sinister song of the Furies in drama, and when I could incorporate Dionysos’ name into the pottery-style painting I made in art class.’ 

Our thanks go to all of our LSA CA members whose generous donations allow us to offer bursaries that help budding classicists and historians learn about, discuss, engage with, and have fun exploring the ancient world.


Classics Summer School Students Bursaries 2019 

In 2019, we asked students to respond to the following statement in 800 to 1000 words: We no longer need to visit ancient sites to learn about the ancient world.”  Do you agree? After receiving some excellent responses, the committee were pleased to offer Leo Riley and Eleanor Anderton, both of Runshaw College, Leyland, bursaries to attend the Summer School. Their reports have been collated into a blog which you can read on our website here.

To read their reports in full, follow these links:

Repton Summer School Report 2019 – Leo Riley

Repton Summer School Report 2019 – Eleanor Anderton


Classics Summer School Student Bursaries 2018

“The Summer School has been a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge of the classical world in a very welcoming and relaxed environment, allowing me to learn about topics that I haven’t previously encountered.” Bursary Recipient 2018

In 2018, the Association asked applicants to respond to the following question:

 I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think. Socrates.  What does studying Classics make you think?”

Bursaries were awarded to students, who in the opinion of the committee, answered 2018’s extended question in the most interesting and apt manner, and whose financial and/or personal circumstances affect their chances of attending the Summer School.

This year, thanks to the fundraising events of our members who helped the raffle reach over £1200, there were six successful recipients of full and partial bursaries: Jonathan Wilson, Daniel Hubbard, Ronnais Lloyd, Casey MacDonald and Helen Byrne of Runshaw College and Lachlan Rurlander of Lancaster Royal Grammar School. All the students thoroughly enjoyed their time at Repton and have written about their experience in a series of short Reports, which we hope you enjoy reading:

Repton Summer School Report 2018 by Ronnais Lloyd

Bursary Winners 2018 Repton Summer School 2

Repton Summer School Report 2018 by Lachlan Rurlander

Repton Summer School Report 2018 by Daniel Hubbard

Repton Play 2018

Repton Summer School Report 2018 by Jonathan Wilson

Repton Summer School Report 2018 by Casey MacDonald

If you would like to apply for a LSA CA Classics Summer School Bursary for 2019 then please come back to this page in mid-September when the application process begins and you will be able to download the Information Sheet and Application Form for Summer 2019.


Classics Summer School Student Bursaries 2017

This year, the Association asked applicants to respond to the following question:

“Dead languages, dead people, dead boring – what’s the point of Classics?”

Further details can be found on the 2017 Bursary Information Sheet and the 2017 Bursary Application Form.

Please note that it is a requirement of receiving a bursary that the student fully participates in the Summer School activities and lessons and is happy to undertake, where possible, reasonable requests to share their experience of the Summer School with LSA CA members, and students at their school or college.

Six students were awarded full and partial bursaries to enable them to attend the Summer School in 2017: Samuel Southern from AKS Lytham, Ross Kinnaird and Alex Melling from Runshaw College, and Carter Davis, Ethan Lees and Sal Kenny from Blackpool Sixth Form College.

“Repton Summer School 2017 was one of the best summer experiences I’ve ever had. I met great people, was taught by great people, and even had the pleasure of feeling like a great person among all the bright minds, encouraged to pursue the likewise passion we all share for classics”  Bursary Recipient 2017

You can read Carter’s report here, Sal’s here and Alex’s here, Ethan’s report is here, Ross’s here and Sam’s here.


Classics Summer School Student Bursaries 2016

Thanks to the generosity of members who have donated money and purchased raffle tickets at our events, and the generosity of the JACT Summer Schools Trust (JSST), four students were awarded full and partial bursaries to enable them to attend the Summer School in 2016: Leah Buckel, Isaac Costello and Leon Hewitt of Runshaw College, Leyland, and Tilly-May Johnson of Royal Clitheroe Grammar School.

“I learnt which aspects of classics I find enjoyable and which I find challenging which is important for future studies and I have met great people who I would never have met otherwise due to distance so it really is worth it.”          

“It really is an experience of a lifetime to attend Repton and is very much worth applying for a bursary if you are in need of one to gain such experience – I highly recommend it.”

Leah Buckel, Runshaw College. Recipient of LSA CA Summer School Bursary 2016

The students were asked to write brief reports of their experiences at Repton to let members know how they benefitted from the bursaries and to inspire other students to have a go at applying next year.

You can read Leah’s report here, Leon’s here and Isaac’s here. Leah’s can also be viewed on our home page under the Classics Camp! blog post.