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The Question       Who is your unsung hero from the ancient world? 
 The Deadline        6pm on 6th March 2022         Age Range      11-18 years 
 The Prizes            Prize Fund of £550 and awards as shown below

Tell us all about your unsung hero in 15 minutes or less – and you could be in with the chance of winning a share of £550 prizemoney!  Before you get started, please read the guidelines and our FAQs below:

The Question

  • You may select any real or fictional figure from the ancient world as your unsung hero – they do not need to be a ‘hero’ in the ancient sense (e.g. a legendary character from the Homeric epics or from ‘the age of heroes’) but somebody, of any gender, who you think fits your definition of an ‘unsung hero’. They can be named e.g. ‘Hypatia’ or unnamed e.g. ‘the Etruscan who designed the sewage system’. 
  • We acknowledge that ‘the ancient world’ covers a hugely expansive time-frame and global geography. For the purpose of this competition, the ancient world is defined as ‘the region around the Mediterranean and the Near East between 3000 BCE and CE 476’ including Ancient Egypt, the Hellenistic World and the Roman world (including Roman Britain).

The Presentation

  • Your presentation must be delivered in 15 minutes or less. Please note that if you reach the Final, in order to be fair to all contestants, you will be asked to stop after 15 minutes whether you have finished or not, so please practise and time your presentation to ensure this doesn’t happen to you!
  • You can deliver your presentation with or without accompanying images (e.g. a PowerPoint, handouts, video extracts). Those who have reached the Final in the past have almost all had a ten to fifteen minute PowerPoint with relevant and interesting slides to engage the audience in their presentation. Presentations consisting of only a video to be shown at the Final i.e. with no live speaking or interaction from you on the day are not acceptable as this is a public speaking competition so please bear this in mind in the planning stage.
  • Individual feedback will not be given and the decisions of the selection committee and the Competition Judge are final.
  • Heats are held within your school and it is up to each school to decide on how this is organized and the winning presentation chosen.

8745 Catherine Baker

How To Enter

If you are successful in your internal school heat and chosen as your school’s winner (or you do not attend an educational institution and are entering independently), your video entry will be submitted into the competition by completing the following:

  • Upload the video of the presentation to YouTube. Guidance on uploading films is available here. The video must be UNLISTED (not public or private). 
  • Then fill in this form – in the form you will be asked to share the link to the YouTube video.
  • The deadline for entries is 18:00 on 6th March 2022

The LSA CA committee will watch all entries and draw up a shortlist of competitors, who will receive certificates of commendation. From this shortlist, four presenters/pairs will then be selected by the committee to compete in the Final when they must deliver their same presentation in front of a live audience.


The Prizes

1st Prize            £200   The LSA CA Classics Champion Award  and  The LSA CA Laurel Trophy for Schools

2nd Prize          £100

3rd Prize            £50  

4th Prize           £50

People’s Choice Award             £50 and the People’s Choice Award (voted for by the audience at the Final and therefore only open to the four Finalists)

Lancashire Classics Award         £100 and the LSA CA Lancashire Classics Award (See eligibility criteria below.)

International Award                 International entries are welcome and will be considered for certificates and the LSA CA International Classics Award.

All Finalists will receive Certificates and prize money. The school of the overall winner will also be awarded the prestigious LSA CA Laurel Trophy for Schools to be held for one year.

This Competition is kindly supported by the Classical Association.


Previous Finalists with their prizes

Student FAQs

  1. Do I need to be a member of the LSA CA to participate?

No! This Competition is open to anybody aged 11-18. If you would like to join the branch to access (online or in-person) our lecture programme, social events and extra activities then you can do so here: it’s quick and easy and costs just £5 for the whole year!


  1. Do I need to live locally to participate?

No! The Competition is open to all students aged 11-18 from within the UK or from abroad, but only UK entrants will be eligible for the Final. (Read FAQ 3 if you’re an international student!). Some students are also eligible for the Lancashire Classics Award: kindly sponsored by a member of the LSA CA, the Lancashire Classics Award is for the best submission from a student who lives in Lancashire and/or who attends a Lancashire school. The Award comprises prize money of £100 and the Lancashire Classics Award.


  1. I live outside the UK, am I allowed to enter?

Yes you are! In our 2021 Competition, we had entries from across the world. If you are based outside the UK and enter the Competition, you will be automatically entered into the ‘International’ section of the Competition. Certificates of Achievement will be emailed to shortlisted presenters and the International Award will be sent to the overall winner based on their video entry. International entries will not be selected as one of the four Finalists but their video will be shown during the Grand Final. 


  1. Do I need to go to school/college to enter?

No! We welcome entries from students from any educational background, including those who don’t attend a formal institution. If you are based in a school or college you will need to liaise with your teacher to see if there are any other pupils entering the competition as each institution can only submit ONE entry.


  1. Do I need to be studying Classics to enter this competition?

No! You don’t need to have any prior experience or formal education in a Classical subject to enter, just an interest in researching and presenting your answer to this question.


  1. How much does the Competition cost?

It is free to enter the LSA CA Classics Competition. If you are selected for the Final and need financial assistance to travel to Lytham St Annes, we can offer you a bursary to cover reasonable transport costs.


  1. Can I enter with a friend?

Students aged 11-15 (as of 6th March 2022) may enter the competition as an individual or as a pair.

Students aged 16-18 (as of 6th March 2022) must enter as a solo speaker. You may work with friends on your own separate presentations and do research together but you must deliver your own presentation in your own words to be considered for a place in the Final.


  1. Do I need to use PowerPoint or Slides when I give my presentation?

We highly recommend that you use images to enhance your presentation and keep the audience engaged. Please ensure your presentation does not comprise solely of a separate video with no accompanying input from you as the presenter, as this is a public speaking competition. Short video extracts, within a PowerPoint presentation for example, are perfectly acceptable.


  1. How long should my presentation be?

Your presentation must be no longer than 15 minutes. There is no minimum length but presentations of less than 7 minutes do not usually progress beyond the first round because the speaker doesn’t have time to develop their argument and share lots of detail about their research. 10-15 minutes is ideal!


  1. If I win, do I get to keep the award?

The winner will receive their own individual Classics Competition award which is theirs to keep forever! The winner of the People’s Choice Award and Lancashire Classics Award will also receive their own award to keep.


Teacher FAQs


  1. Can my students enter in pairs?

Students aged 11-15 (as of 6th March 2022) may enter the competition as an individual or as a pair.

Students aged 16-18 (as of 6th March 2022) may not enter as a pair – the video submission must be of a solo speaker in order to be considered for selection for the Final.


  1. Do you have an example of a previous entry into the Competition that I can show my students?

Yes, please send us an email at and we can share an example presentation with you.


  1. Do we keep the Laurel Trophy for Schools if our student wins the Competition?

No. The student keeps their individual trophy but The Laurel Trophy for Schools is awarded to the school/college of the winning student to keep for one year – it must then be returned to the LSA CA. Schools will be responsible for engraving their name and year, and for the safekeeping and return of the Trophy; the LSA CA Secretary will contact the school to arrange the return of the Trophy in good time for the current year’s Competition. A missing or damaged trophy will need to be replaced at the winning school’s expense.