Life in the Backstreets

In a lecture delivered to the LSA Classical Association in November, Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill enthralled an audience of over 300 by exploring what life was like for those living in Pompeii and its neighbouring town Herculaneum before and during the fateful day of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Classics Ambassador Thomas Adamthwaite relives … Continue reading Life in the Backstreets

Classics Competition 2020

Are you aged 11-19 and fascinated by the ancient world? Would you like to hone your public speaking skills and present your ideas to a friendly and supportive audience? Would you like to meet Professor Hall and Dr Holmes-Henderson and be in with the chance of winning up to £200? Take part in our 2020 … Continue reading Classics Competition 2020

Caesar’s Wife Must Be Above Suspicion

Classics Ambassador Declan Boyd reports on Super Saturday: Professor Dame Mary Beard’s Presidential Address given for the Classical Association on 9th November 2019, entitled Caesar’s Wife Must Be Above Suspicion: In her Address, Professor Beard took us on a fascinating journey through time to explore  artistic representations of the Roman empresses – and the sinister […]

Super Saturday

On Saturday 9th November, we were delighted to host the national Classical Association's Annual Presidential Address, delivered this year by outgoing President Professor Dame Mary Beard at AKS Lytham to a record-breaking audience. This was the first time in the CA's 116 year history that this special event has been held at a local branch … Continue reading Super Saturday

Sallust’s Silent Cicero

As we move into November, LSA CA Classics Ambassador and Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Sixth Former Declan Boyd takes us back two thousand and eighty two years to November 63BC. The setting is Rome, Marcus Tullius Cicero is consul and the city is in crisis . . .  In 63 BCE, the Roman senator Lucius … Continue reading Sallust’s Silent Cicero

New Season, Ancient Past

On 19th September, Dr Jerry Toner of Churchill College, Cambridge, opened the LSA CA's brand new lecture series with a guide to Roman slavery. His eloquence and erudition enchanted the almost 300 strong audience. Classics Ambassador Liv Sample summarises the key points for us: "In the Roman world, the possession of slaves was a fact … Continue reading New Season, Ancient Past

Jonah’s Journey

Our International Classics Ambassador, Jonah Crouch, shares with us his recent visits to some of the ancient world's most famous sites, beginning in Athens and ending at Knossos.  "One holiday, two classical empires - infused with a whole bunch of ancient, spiritual and archaeological sites. This was my summer in Greece. I have wanted to … Continue reading Jonah’s Journey

Making Classics even MORE fun!

"Thanks to the bursary I received from the Lytham St Annes Classical Association I was able to attend the JSST Classics and Ancient History Summer School – an experience that has helped solidify my love for Classics, and my desire to carry it on at a higher level." (Leo) "I would wholeheartedly and without a doubt … Continue reading Making Classics even MORE fun!

A Turkish Trip: Part Two

Last week, Student Ambassador Ronnais Lloyd shared with us the Ephesus and Pergamon parts of her odyssey around modern day Turkey - read it here! - which ended with this lovely image: we watched the most amazing sunset over the Dardanelles, drinking cocktails . . . moving on, she arrived at Homer's most famous city -  Troy On … Continue reading A Turkish Trip: Part Two


LSA CA Classics Ambassador and Runshaw Classics Sixth Former Ronnais Lloyd headed east this summer for her own classical Odyssey around Turkey: here she takes us around two ancient sites, Ephesus and Pergamon. Check back next Sunday for part two of her travel diaries, featuring Troy and Istanbul!  Ephesus Our journey started by waking up … Continue reading A TURKISH TRIP: PART ONE