Hercules: World Traveller

Following Professor Llewelyn Morgan's webinar for the LSA CA on 12th November, Classics Ambassador Liv S takes us on an around-the-world cultural voyage in the company of the many named, multi faceted and paradoxical hero Hercules. For millennia, Hercules has been a familiar and popular mythical character, immediately recognisable whether in statues, on coins or vase … Continue reading Hercules: World Traveller

Memory, Monuments and Mourning

Classics Ambassador Freyja H-W recounts our first online event of the 2020-21 season: Last Thursday, Professor Polly Low, Greek historian at the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Durham University, joined us over Zoom to give a brilliant insight into the Spartan commemoration of the battle of Thermopylae. Though she unfortunately couldn’t be with … Continue reading Memory, Monuments and Mourning

It’s a Man’s World: the lives of ancient women

Classics Competition Winner and creator of The Mythology Manifest Sixth Former Connor Irving explores the oppression of women in Greek and Roman society and refutes the ancient idea that a woman who defies authority must be evil, as he seeks to understand why some women were worshipped whilst others were demonised. Succubus, Harlot, Witch: these … Continue reading It’s a Man’s World: the lives of ancient women