“You’ve got to walk it first”

These words of wisdom offer advice to any aspiring historian hoping to accurately relate the events of the past, and one man who has quite literally walked the history that he relates is the acclaimed broadcaster, historian, author and filmmaker Dr Michael Wood. Drawing on an extraordinary wealth of personal experience and an infectious enthusiasm … Continue reading “You’ve got to walk it first”

How many firemen…

How many firemen does it take for two grown men to go down a hole? This isn’t the start of a bad joke, I promise. It was a question that posed itself to our President, Dr Michael Scott, when he and Alexander Armstrong were stood contemplating a 45 metre vertical shaft in the Neapolitan countryside … Continue reading How many firemen…

Shoes and Seats!

One hundred and seventy people came to hear an enthralling and very well illustrated talk by Dr Andrew Birley, CEO and Director of Excavations at Vindolanda last Thursday. Dr Birley's much anticipated lecture was enjoyed by everyone including our youngest member, nine year old Jonah Crouch, who now shares his report of the evening with us: … Continue reading Shoes and Seats!

Heffers Classics Forum

One of our younger members, twelve year old Liv Sample, recently attended the Heffers Classics Forum and sent us the following account of her day, which featured, amongst other distinguished classicists, two of our brilliant speakers from last year: Professors Paul Cartledge and Edith Hall.  Liv's entertaining account gives us an excellent insight into the … Continue reading Heffers Classics Forum

I hope we recognise him…

Often, when lecturers arrive, we meet them at Preston station, greet them off the train and drive them back to Lytham. There is a brief moment of excitement and anticipation whilst the Virgin Voyager glides to a standstill, doors open, passengers pour out and the Treasurer (Dad) and I scan the crowd eagerly looking for … Continue reading I hope we recognise him…

“Blind in the darkness”

This Thursday we enjoyed a night of illumination rather than blindness when David Raeburn, producer of countless Greek plays and former tutor at New College Oxford, made the journey to Lytham St Annes to talk to us about the performance of Oedipus Tyrannos - Sophocles' most famous play and arguably one of the greatest works … Continue reading “Blind in the darkness”

A New Season

It’s the beginning of autumn and the start of the LSA CA’s third programme of lectures. We’re so excited to welcome members new and old to come and explore the ancient world and we begin on 29th September. At 7pm, at AKS Lytham, we will be joined by David Raeburn, one of the country’s most … Continue reading A New Season

Classics Camp!

“I learnt which aspects of classics I find enjoyable and which I find challenging which is important for future studies and I have met great people who I would never have met otherwise due to distance so it really is worth it.” Scene: Repton School, Derbyshire. Time: July 2016. Over 80 students and tutors gather … Continue reading Classics Camp!

A Visit from Edith Hall

In April, for our final lecture of the 2015-16 programme, we welcomed Professor Edith Hall of Kings College London to the Association. I'm a huge fan of Edith's work, especially her definitive guide to Greek Tragedy and her extensive research about the conception of 'barbarian identity' in 5th century Athenian culture, so it was very … Continue reading A Visit from Edith Hall