Classics Competition 2019

It's Competition time! Are you aged between 11-19 and have a passion for the ancient world that you would love to share with others? Would you like to be in with the chance of meeting Classicist and TV Historian Professor Michael Scott and winning some of our £400 prize money? If so, you have come … Continue reading Classics Competition 2019

Severus Marches On!

On Thursday 18th October, archaeologist and author from the University of Kent, Dr Simon Elliott, visited the Association and addressed more than 215 members and visitors in his talk 'Septimius Severus in Scotland'. Our youngest founder member at the age of 8, Jonah Crouch, now in year 7 and at his final lecture before moving … Continue reading Severus Marches On!

What the Greeks and Romans did for us!

Adam Hart-Davis is a BAFTA nominated television presenter, author and photographer perhaps best known for his innovative science programmes and the hugely successful historical series What the Romans Did for Us, with later spin-offs covering the Ancients, Victorians, Tudors and Stuarts. With his background as a scientist, he was one of the first to take an … Continue reading What the Greeks and Romans did for us!

A perfect pairing? Review of Rodin and Greek Art at the British Museum

Our youngest Student Ambassador Liv Sample writes a review of the British Museum's latest exhibition: Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), the artist whose most famous pieces “The Kiss” and “The Thinker” are known the world over, first visited the British Museum in 1881. He became immediately enraptured by the Parthenon Sculptures (aka the “Elgin Marbles”) and over … Continue reading A perfect pairing? Review of Rodin and Greek Art at the British Museum

LSA CA Bursary Winners’ Reports 2018

“The Summer School has been a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge of the classical world in a very welcoming and relaxed environment, allowing me to learn about topics that I haven’t previously encountered.” Bursary Recipient 2018 "I recommend applying for a bursary and going to the summer school with all my soul, it was both … Continue reading LSA CA Bursary Winners’ Reports 2018

A Summer Stroll through the Glasgow Necropolis

For some people it’s body-surfing on the Cornish coast or a family outing to Alton Towers. For us, this summer was an opportunity to explore some highlights of Scotland including the Necropolis in Glasgow. Created in 1833, it was amongst the first of the great British cemeteries and emulated the hygienic and tasteful burying grounds … Continue reading A Summer Stroll through the Glasgow Necropolis

A fantastic fourth!

Chair of the branch, Katrina Kelly, reflects on the success and highlights of the Lytham St Annes Classical Association's fourth year and looks forward to another exciting lecture programme for 2018-19. "We have once again enjoyed a great programme of lectures featuring first class speakers and a range of subjects that have taken us from … Continue reading A fantastic fourth!

Rocks, Holes and Pots of Gold

Author and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota brought the lecture season to a close with a fantastic insight into archaeological discoveries in Britain, particularly those made by members of the public. It proved a fascinating talk, giving an overview on incredible findings from the modern as well as the ancient world, and gave a sense of the … Continue reading Rocks, Holes and Pots of Gold

Around the world in eighty…minutes

Over the last few months, young students around the UK have been thinking about the locations in the ancient world that fascinate them the most and their conclusions, first presented to teachers and then judged by the LSA CA Committee, were revealed to members, guests and visitors at our Junior and Senior Classics Competition Finals … Continue reading Around the world in eighty…minutes

Kleopatra The Great

How accurate is the Roman writers’ portrayal of Kleopatra as an immoral, tragic queen of Egypt?  In a fascinating penultimate lecture of the season, acclaimed Egyptologist Professor Joann Fletcher took us back in time to the Ptolemaic dynasty and explored the captivating history from Alexander the Great to the last ruler of Egypt: Kleopatra the … Continue reading Kleopatra The Great