Classics Competition 2020

Are you aged 11-19 and fascinated by the ancient world? Would you like to hone your public speaking skills and present your ideas to a friendly and supportive audience? Would you like to meet Professor Hall and Dr Holmes-Henderson and be in with the chance of winning up to £200? Take part in our 2020 … Continue reading Classics Competition 2020

Caesar’s Wife Must Be Above Suspicion

Classics Ambassador Declan Boyd reports on Super Saturday: Professor Dame Mary Beard’s Presidential Address given for the Classical Association on 9th November 2019, entitled Caesar’s Wife Must Be Above Suspicion: In her Address, Professor Beard took us on a fascinating journey through time to explore  artistic representations of the Roman empresses – and the sinister […]

A Champion’s Advice

  Former Classics Competition Champion, Harvey Phythian, now a first year student at Kings' College Cambridge, reflects on his experience as a competitor in our 2017 Competition and offers his top three favourite artefacts from the ancient world as part of our Hall of Fame series.          "My first choice is this … Continue reading A Champion’s Advice

Around the world in eighty…minutes

Over the last few months, young students around the UK have been thinking about the locations in the ancient world that fascinate them the most and their conclusions, first presented to teachers and then judged by the LSA CA Committee, were revealed to members, guests and visitors at our Junior and Senior Classics Competition Finals … Continue reading Around the world in eighty…minutes