Beetles, Rats, Humors and a Doctor in Disguise- Ancient Approaches to Medicine

In the LSA CA’s penultimate lecture of its 2020-21 season, we were delighted to welcome Professor Helen King, a leading expert in Greek and Roman medicine, for a fascinating webinar about some of the intriguing procedures surrounding physical and mental health in ancient medicine. She covered a vast range of topics from fumigation of the … Continue reading Beetles, Rats, Humors and a Doctor in Disguise- Ancient Approaches to Medicine

LSA CA Book Club Recommends…

Over the rocky course of the pandemic, many of us have turned to books for solace, inspiration and entertainment. We have revisited old favourites, sought comforting distractions, digested challenging ideas, found fictional friends, tackled different genres and, perhaps for the first time, delved into the wealth of literature that explores, celebrates, confronts and reimagines events … Continue reading LSA CA Book Club Recommends…

How Democratic was Athenian Democracy?

On Thursday 7th January, we welcomed Professor Michael Scott virtually to the LSA CA for his seventh annual Presidential Lecture, in which he shed light on the inner workings of Athenian democracy. Professor Scott's TV documentaries, books, public lectures and outreach work have brought the ancient world to whole new audiences and in 2020, despite … Continue reading How Democratic was Athenian Democracy?

Hercules: World Traveller

Following Professor Llewelyn Morgan's webinar for the LSA CA on 12th November, Classics Ambassador Liv S takes us on an around-the-world cultural voyage in the company of the many named, multi faceted and paradoxical hero Hercules. For millennia, Hercules has been a familiar and popular mythical character, immediately recognisable whether in statues, on coins or vase … Continue reading Hercules: World Traveller

Memory, Monuments and Mourning

Classics Ambassador Freyja H-W recounts our first online event of the 2020-21 season: Last Thursday, Professor Polly Low, Greek historian at the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Durham University, joined us over Zoom to give a brilliant insight into the Spartan commemoration of the battle of Thermopylae. Though she unfortunately couldn’t be with … Continue reading Memory, Monuments and Mourning