Learning Greek


If you would like to learn the basics of Ancient Greek in an easy, visual way then do have a look at or follow our volunteer-run Instagram page.

Here is also a link to The University of Texas’s introductory public access online course:

Introduction to Classical Greek

and the Open University’s Introduction to Ancient Greek website:

Introducing Ancient Greek – The Open University

The OU’s A275 course in Reading classical Greek: language and literature recommends the following books by JACT for beginning to learn Greek:

Other titles are available and some people prefer to use the following texts:

If you choose to use John Taylor’s book above, you can assess your progress in an enjoyable way by joining the free site Memrise:

John Taylor’s Greek to GCSE Part 1 , – Memrise

And a link for the JACT Reading Greek book is here:

Reading Greek, – Memrise

There are a further forty-four free memory courses on Memrise covering aspects of Ancient Greek – you can access them through the link below – have fun! And please feel free to send in any feedback for the Association to post in this section to help inform other members wishing to learn Greek or Latin:

Ancient Greek – Memrise

(Even if you’re not interested in learning Greek the memory tests on Memrise can be great fun as they cover a huge range of topics and subjects.)

Also for your interest, here is a link to Professor Mary Beard’s blog on learning Ancient Greek, with many interesting comments from readers at the end of the article.

Greek vase with MB blog

A Don’s Life: Why learn ancient Greek?