Learning Greek



The Association is very pleased to announce that a member has offered to help members learn Modern Greek and a group will be starting soon. Please contact us on lsaclassics@gmail.com if you would like more information and we will pass on your details to the group leader.

The Association is keen to respond to members feedback and suggestions and is currently trying to organise beginners’ classes in Ancient Greek. Please contact us if you are interested in studying or teaching Ancient Greek.

In the meantime, here is a link to The University of Texas’s introductory public access online course:

Introduction to Classical Greek

and the Open University’s Introduction to Ancient Greek website:

Introducing Ancient Greek – The Open University

The OU’s A275 course in Reading classical Greek: language and literature recommends the following books by JACT for beginning to learn Greek:

Other titles are available and some people prefer to use the following texts:


If you choose to use John Taylor’s book above, you can assess your progress in an enjoyable way by joining the free site Memrise:

John Taylor’s Greek to GCSE Part 1 , – Memrise

And a link for the JACT Reading Greek book is here:

Reading Greek, – Memrise

There are a further forty-four free memory courses on Memrise covering aspects of Ancient Greek – you can access them through the link below – have fun! And please feel free to send in any feedback for the Association to post in this section to help inform other members wishing to learn Greek or Latin:

Ancient Greek – Memrise

(Even if you’re not interested in learning Greek the memory tests on Memrise can be great fun as they cover a huge range of topics and subjects.)

Also for your interest, here is a link to Professor Mary Beard’s blog on learning Ancient Greek, with many interesting comments from readers at the end of the article.

Greek vase with MB blog

A Don’s Life: Why learn ancient Greek?