Latin Reading Group

A friendly group of members meet once a month to read through short passages of Latin literature, from the military prose of Caesar, to the lively annals of Tacitus and the love poetry of Catullus.

Sessions are really informal: no recent experience of Latin is necessary because the texts come with a full vocabulary and grammar help, and we enjoy discussing the literary value of the text as well as linguistic issues. We prepare a piece of text in between sessions and then all come together and talk about it – it’s a great way to pool ideas and it’s amazing how far the discussion can range after just looking at a few words of Latin!

“It’s really reminded me how much I used to enjoy Latin. Working out a translation is so satisfying! It’s amazing how words written down 2000 years ago are suddenly brought to life and feel so modern.”  Reading Group Member

We are always keen to welcome new people – please get in touch with our co-ordinator John Delamore at if you are interested.

Please note that you must be a member of the LSA Classical Association to join the Latin Reading Group, which is then free of charge to all members. Please visit our Membership page for details of how to join.