A New Season

It’s the beginning of autumn and the start of the LSA CA’s third programme of lectures. We’re so excited to welcome members new and old to come and explore the ancient world and we begin on 29th September. At 7pm, at AKS Lytham, we will be joined by David Raeburn, one of the country’s most eminent classical scholars.

David Raeburn

Mr Raeburn is a dramatist, teacher and lecturer who, although an octogenarian, still shares his love of classical literature as a Classics tutor at New College, Oxford, and I’ve had the privilege of hearing him speak several times: his talks are always so elegantly and humorously delivered. Not only does he share his love for ancient drama and linguistics amongst university students, but he also inspires teachers and children alike to immerse themselves in classics. Nearly fifty years ago he established the hugely successful Greek Summer School at Bryanston, which I attended along with 300 other students in 2013, and he played a key role in the revival of the Greek play including the annual Bradfield Play where students performed the title roles in Greek – an event so successful that they toured in Europe.

Mr Raeburn’s talk for the Association will centre on arguably the most famous Greek tragedy of all – Oedipus the King – and he will also discuss his approach to producing live performances. As becomes apparent simply by reading a play by Euripides or Sophocles in translation, you don’t need to know any Greek language to appreciate the power of Greek drama because its ethical dilemmas, emotional intensity and depiction of suffering transcend time. However, hearing the original metre, the beauty of the poetry and the power of the speeches helps to recreate the atmosphere and effect of a Greek play. Mr Raeburn promises to give us some readings and a rare chance of hearing Ancient Greek spoken expertly and with great passion!

©Katrina Kelly